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  • Sharon Bok

CommerceHub Gains Better Line of Sight into Client Health

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

CommerceHub, one of the world’s largest commerce networks and provider of software solutions connecting supply, demand and delivery for retailers globally, wanted to improve customer interactions and expansion opportunities by having a better line of sight into overall client health.

nCloud Integrators, a leader in customer success strategy and Gainsight implementation and administration services, assisted CommerceHub in accelerating its use of Gainsight’s industry-leading customer success platform in order for the company to get an accurate pulse on its customers.

“We needed a single, consistent location where we could get a holistic picture of the customer to track customer performance and trends,” Jordan Christensen, Manager of Customer Success Operations with CommerceHub, states.

nCloud worked with CommerceHub to blend together data from multiple sources to enable a proactive, data-driven approach to account management. “We now have automated reports that can be generated before customer calls or internal meetings that provide insights into the customer lifecycle and show us an accurate account of their overall health,” states Christensen.

The transparency of customer interactions across the organization is important for account management as well. Christensen continues, “All customer information is now easily accessible so any of the CSMs on the team can step in to assist with an account if, say, someone is out of the office.”

From a day-to-day operations perspective, CommerceHub is now more efficient and proactive with customers. “Gaining a sharper lens into customer activities and performance across our network using a variety of metrics allows us to be proactive with accounts, understand their needs and track growth and sentiment,” states Christensen.

nCloud assisted CommerceHub in accelerating its use of Gainsight and helped drive the integration that was required from a variety of different data sources.

“As we dug into what Gainsight can do, it was helpful to have a partner like nCloud Integrators to help us through the implementation and ensure we were getting the most out of the system functionality,” states Christensen. “And, the Gainsight training we received from the nCloud consultants during implementation has enabled us to be self-sufficient so we can build out new capabilities.”


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