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  • Sharon Bok

Q&A with apree health: Scaling Processes to Save 30 Hours on Training & 100 Hours on QBRs

apree health is on a mission to build the first end-to-end healthcare solution that redefines the care experience and transforms the way patients access and engage with care, the way providers deliver care, and the way employers and other purchasers pay for care.

Joseph Beker, Manager of Customer Success Operations for apree health, discusses working with nCloud Integrators Expert Services Team to automate and scale its processes to allow Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to focus on the things that matter to its customers.

How did you start working with nCloud Integrators expert services team?

When Castlight Health merged with Vera Whole health to become apree health, the decision was made to use Gainsight as the dedicated customer success system for the newly merged organization to help capture pertinent customer information, contacts and interactions. The process of bringing in this new part of our company into the Gainsight instance was a bit out of my wheelhouse, so nCloud Integrators came to mind. I attended nCloud Integrators’ Level 1 Gainsight Administration training at Pulse, and I was blown away by how great this training was, so they were the first organization I thought of when we needed Gainsight help. After this piece was finished, we decided to continue with the nCloud Integrators Expert Services team. Gainsight is only a small piece of what I am responsible for in my role, so I really needed some help pushing Gainsight along to improve our CS Operations.

What did you want to accomplish with your automation planning project?

We had the desire as a company to be more efficient and have our team really focus on the things that matter to our customers. nCloud Integrators is helping with this automation and our digital CS processes. We started by looking at our customer journey, and we pulled out automation opportunities. nCloud is great about getting out of the weeds and looking at the big picture of how things can be done better for us internally as well as for our customers. 

Could you talk about some of the processes that you automated?

nCloud Integrators came in and looked at the Gainsight setup of our NPS program. NPS is an important metric for us, and we are focused on continuing to improve our scores and response rates while taking a pulse on what’s working well and where there are opportunities for enhancements. It was already automated, but they took it one step further and optimized the workflows around the survey. Now automated emails go out based on if the survey results are passive, promoter or detractor, and the CSMs automatically get notified of the results, if follow up is required or if someone doesn’t respond. This automation significantly streamlined our processes and freed up our CSMs’ time.

nCloud also helped with a contact hygiene automation project. This is going to save our team a lot of time because the system will send out an email to all of our current contacts to verify if they are still accurate and/or to provide any contact changes. This information will automatically get updated in our system. In the past, we relied on our CSMs to update the contact records, and this process was an afterthought, so we have a lot of outdated contacts. This new process will help keep our contact database clean.

We also automated our training program for new users. Every time a new user comes on our system, the CSM would run a one-on-one, 30-minute onboarding training session. We wanted to scale this process for our entire team, so now Journey Orchestrator sends out emails to invite new users to a webinar. Our first webinar is next month, and we are amazed by the registrations for this session already. This program has surpassed our expectations, and just this initial webinar session is going to save us 30 hours of training time. 

How is the new Success Snapshots program saving your company time?

One of our corporate goals is to produce a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) for our customers every quarter. Preparing the decks for these meetings takes a lot of time. Using Success Snapshots, we are able to take more than 75 different data points that live across three different systems and automatically merge this data into Google slides. So what would have taken about 100 hours of work over the year is now reduced to minutes.

Can you discuss your new Challenge Prep Program?

We run challenges in our app for our customers. These are fun, healthy challenges that are specific to each customer. In order to create these challenges, we have to collect configuration information from the customers. In the past, this would take at least 30 minutes on a call with the customer walking through the options and making decisions. Sometimes this process takes one call, and sometimes it takes multiple calls. nCloud Integrators helped us simplify this process by creating a survey that collects this same information in a few minutes. This new process is quicker and easier for us as well as the customer, and we’ve heard positive feedback from our CSMs and our customers. We do these challenges twice a year, so we estimate that we are saving about 20 hours per year with this new automated survey process.

What do you think the biggest advantage is of working with nCloud Integrators?

For me, the biggest advantage is just having the expert in the room. Every time we meet, I am blown away by the technical knowledge and the CS strategy expertise. I feel like we are going down the right path, and we are able to accomplish so much in a shorter amount of time than what we would be able to do on our own. Also, I am able to focus on the other parts of my job because I have so many other things on my plate outside of Gainsight. 

How would you describe nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services?

nCloud Integrators can serve as an expert Gainsight administrator. So, if you don’t have one or don’t have the time to spend on the administration, nCloud can come in and do that work quickly and do it well. nCloud Integrators can also come in and pull you out of the technical weeds to help you focus on your overall corporate and team goals - and then tap into the full capabilities of Gainsight to achieve these goals. They are the experts who have worked with so many other organizations and know what works well. nCloud consultants will help you along the journey and will say “I think you could be doing more here.” I am impressed by the nCloud expertise as well as how quickly we get our objectives accomplished. 

Do you have any tips for other organizations using Gainsight”?

Gainsight is a sophisticated tool, and in order to manage it you need a full-time administrator who has been doing this for a while or someone like nCloud Integrator to fill that role and manage the tool effectively. 


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