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nCloud Integrators Comprehensive Optimization Assessment for Gainsight PX

nCloud Integrators’ Comprehensive Optimization Assessment for Gainsight PX is designed to meticulously evaluate your Gainsight PX setup and utilization, providing you with a detailed analysis and actionable recommendations to enhance your product's performance and user experience. This assessment includes two areas of focus: Gainsight PX Configuration Audit and Gainsight PX Best Practices & Guidance Review.

nCloud Integrators’ Gainsight Optimization Assessment for PX Includes Two Sessions:

1. Gainsight PX Configuration Audit
This audit starts with a thorough review of your technical setup, ensuring that tracking codes are correctly installed and that all critical user actions are being tracked - and involves validating your account and user attributes, as well as evaluating the completeness of your product mapping. Then, we will perform a feature utilization analysis to dive into how your team uses Gainsight PX features, including engagements and feature analytics, and to identify areas of under-utilization or opportunities for improvement.


This audit is intended to help you:

  • Maximize Efficiency: By verifying proper implementation and feature utilization.

  • Enhance Engagement: Through effective in-app guidance and personalization.

  • Improve Data Integrity: By ensuring accuracy and completeness of captured data.

  • Strengthen Integrations: To guarantee seamless operations with other systems.

  • Drive Strategic Alignment: By aligning tool usage with business objectives.

2. Gainsight PX Best Practices & Guidance Review
This review is more than a check-up; it's a strategic overhaul designed to align Gainsight PX with your business goals, drive user engagement, and ensure data-driven decisions. We will help you optimize your environment and enhance your customer's journey, ensuring their success - and yours.

Gainsight PX Best Practices & Guidance Review may include the following:

  • Engagement Effectiveness: Assesses the performance metrics of your in-app engagements, analyze completion rates, and inspect A/B test outcomes to fine-tune your engagement strategies.

  • User Journey Analysis: Identifies friction points and provides insights into enhancing onboarding and feature discovery by mapping the user journey.

  • Segmentation and Personalization Review: Evaluates how well segments are defined and ensures the personalization of content matches user expectations and behavior patterns.

  • Data Quality and Integrity Check: Inspect your data for accuracy, searching for inconsistencies or gaps that could impact decision-making.

  • Integrations and API Utilization: Confirms the health of integrations with other tools and the appropriate use of Gainsight PX APIs, ensuring they support your workflows efficiently.

  • Feedback and Survey Analysis: Analyzes feedback and survey responses to draw out insights and actionable steps to improve user satisfaction.

  • KPI Tracking and Reporting Evaluation: Offers a critical review of your KPI tracking methods and reporting dashboards to ensure they provide actionable insights for decision-makers.

  • Adoption and Usage Trend Monitoring: Reviews how new updates are adopted and used, providing a window into potential improvements or additional training needs.

Gainsight Optimization Assessment for PX Deliverables

The deliverables for this assessment will include an initial discovery call, a detailed analysis of your current PX environment, and tailored best-practice recommendations to elevate your PX usage and customer success operations. You will also receive a configuration workbook that you can use to continue to maintain and improve your PX environment.

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