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  • Sharon Bok

3 Reasons You Might Want to Consider Outsourcing Your Gainsight Administration

Do you find that sometimes the day-to-day maintenance of Gainsight takes a back burner, or that you don't have time to focus on enhancements because your team is working on other priorities? Outsourcing your Gainsight administration may be the solution.

Many organizations we work with successfully outsource the administration of Gainsight, which allows them to reduce costs, focus on core competencies, and scale as needed. While CS leaders are motivated to outsource their Gainsight administration for a variety of reasons, the top three we hear include saving money, saving time and having a focused resource with expert knowledge on their team. This article explores these top three reasons in more detail, but first, let’s discuss the Gainsight Administrator’s role.

What is a Gainsight Administrator’s Role?

A Gainsight administrator’s main function is to maintain and improve the platform. He/she takes the business mission and customer journey into account and then marries this with the capabilities that Gainsight brings to bear to improve customer interactions. This individual also ensures end users know how to use Gainsight and continues to educate users as new playbooks, calls-to-actions (CTAs), and other features are added. Finally, this person keeps abreast of new releases and makes sure the platform usage is maximized.

These are all important tasks and ones you don’t want to fall through the cracks, which is why we want to discuss the top three reasons CS leaders tell us that Gainsight administration outsourcing just makes sense.

1. Save Money

What does it cost your organization to hire a new employee? The short answer is a lot. Not only do you have to recruit, interview and do background checks, you also have to offer great benefits, training and certification. And, it typically takes up to six months for a new employee to become independent and competent in their role.

Then, after all of this training and getting your employee up to speed on your customer processes and system, this person decides to take another position. A LinkedIn study states that the employee turnover rate for the IT industry is the highest of any sector at 13.2 percent.

If you work with an external service provider, you purchase their time at a fixed hourly or monthly rate as agreed to in the contract. And, this work can scale with your business growth, so you never pay for more than you need. You also don’t have the risk of interrupting your processes and project timeframes due to employee turnover.

2. Save Time Do you find that your internal resources are strapped to keep up with your mission-critical activities, and the day-to-day maintenance of Gainsight takes a back burner? Or, are you keeping the status quo going, but don’t have time to focus on new Gainsight iterations, enhancements that will streamline your processes, or keep up to date on the newest software releases. You are not alone.

Sometimes the best decision is to call for reinforcements. Maybe this is to pick up the slack or maybe it's to ensure that you continue to implement best practices. An outsourced Gainsight resource can scale your instance easier and faster – and you can invest your time and the time of your team on more important business tasks.

3. Focused Expertise with Extensive Gainsight Knowledge

The main advantage of Gainsight outsourcing is having access to someone who works with Gainsight every day, knows the in-and-outs and best practices, and can help you accelerate your project timeline and ensure the work is done properly.

When you outsource Gainsight services, you can rest assured about the quality of assistance provided and that your team will be set up for success. Organizations that offer Gainsight administration outsourcing live and breathe Gainsight every day and know how to customize the platform to benefit your organization’s unique requirements - and stay on top of the ever-changing industry standards.

Why is this important? Because you need someone who knows the Gainsight integrations, customizations, extensions and configurations that your business needs to achieve your Customer Success goals. You also need someone who can maintain the platform, keep it current with the latest upgrades, and make it as easy and convenient as possible for everyone in your organization to use.

How can you reduce your administration overhead and ensure your Gainsight investment meets your Customer Success business goals?

If you are now considering outsourcing your Gainsight administration role, it is important to work with a provider that has expert-level resources who can ensure your CS initiatives remain on track. nCloud Integrators helps hundreds of companies every year implement and administer Gainsight. We also have decades of experience in IT and data integration services and the most Gainsight-certified employees outside of Gainsight. Want to learn more or get a free one-hour Gainsight instance review? Find out more about our Gainsight services.


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