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SupportLogic Services for Gainsight Customers

nCloud Integrators SupportLogic Services for Gainsight

What if you could unlock signals from your customer support interactions and bring this information directly into Gainsight?  Now you can. nCloud Integrators connects SupportLogic and Gainsight so you can extract customer signals from support cases, strengthen your health scores and connect your teams to better support your customers.

Black Diamond

Your Customer Interactions: Reimagined

Companies can only grow and protect revenue if they understand and act on unbiased customer signals from every interaction in real time. Today your customer interactions are trapped in various data silos across the organization. 


Not anymore. Now you can bring together SupporLogic and Gainsight so that notable customer support events in your ticketing system are pushed to their corresponding customer accounts in Gainsight. This allows your team to act quickly on negative sentiment, churn signals, and product adoption issues from your customers’ support interactions.

Customer Interactions

Your Health Score: Strengthened

Health Scorecard

The only way companies are going to swing the pendulum over to driving more proactive support and success is to have accurate health scoring. You need to know what is going on based on unbiased customer signals coming from every interaction in real time.


A better way to calculate an actionable health score is to quantify the elements of the support experience where most of the interactions are happening. This will help you build more accurate health scores and enable you to take the necessary steps to improve customer health. 

Your Teams: Connected

Why is valuable customer information just stored within the Customer Support organization? Putting this relevant support information into the hands of anyone who interacts with the customer across your organization will enable you to support customers in the most efficient manner. Now, everyone at your company is responsible for customer success.


Once customer information is shared across teams, you can collaborate to determine the best course of action.  Smart or intelligent routing can be used to send customer questions to the resource that can offer the best resolution.

Connected Support Teams
Act on Customer Support Insights Directly in Gainsight
Monitor Customers Issues in Real Time
Monitor Customer Issues in Real Time
Inform Product Management of Requested Enhancements
Capture Product Enhancement Requests
Notify Sales of Up-Sell or Cross-Sell Opportunities
Identify Upsell Opportunities
Collaborate Across Teams to Determine the Best Course of Action
Collaborate Across Service Teams
Get Notified of Accounts Likely to Escalate
Get Notified of Accounts Likely to Escalate
Initiate a Call to Action or Playbook
Initiate a Playbook
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