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Digital CS Optimization Service

nCloud Integrators can assist you with automating your Customer Success (CS) processes to help your team become more efficient and to help you scale as your organization grows. Our Digital CS Optimization Service evaluates customer touchpoints across your lifecycle to identify where it makes sense to include automation, as well as identify where it is important for your team to interact with your customers on a more personal level. 


The right combination of digital and personal-touch interactions necessary to offer an excellent customer experience is different at every organization, so nCloud’s Digital CS Optimization Service is a custom offering that takes into account your customer journey and business objectives. Our offering is a simple 4-step process:

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Digital CS for Every Phase of Your Customer Journey
Through automation, you can scale customer touches and engage with a growing list of customers often and effectively. This makes delivering optimized customer success outcomes more consistent, measurable and repeatable. Learn more about our Digital CS Package and our Digital CS + Expert Services Package.

Some examples of Digital CS that blend digital and human touch during onboarding, adoption/expansion, and renewal are listed below.




A smooth customer onboarding experience sets the tone for the customer’s relationship with your organization. It also helps customers start using your solution and quickly achieve ROI. A standard onboarding process with a combination of digital and personal touch points helps ensure your consistency of client delivery. 


Common Onboarding Automations:


  • Sending multi-step welcome campaigns with integrated CTAs based on milestone achievements

  • Triggering in-app feedback surveys and/or programs to send surveys 30 days after kickoff, as well as at the end of the onboarding process

  • Sending automated emails to celebrate training/certification achievements and overall onboarding milestones

  • Triggering CTAs to create a consistent handoff process between professional services and CS teams


nCloud can assist customers in automating processes to make your CSMs’ job easier as they communicate with customers at scale by blending digital touch with personal engagement. Also, auto-triggered alerts and playbooks offer a consistent customer experience throughout your entire customer journey. 




After customers are onboarded, it remains vital that customers use your solutions, continue to find value and utilize new features/functionality. At this point, it is important to track user adoption and align customer communication based on these adoption metrics. 


Common Adoption/Expansion Automations:


  • Triggering CTAs for usage drops and/or utilization overages 

  • Creating Milestones around specific adoption/ROI metrics

  • Sending personalized adoption reports to customers on a timely basis


nCloud can also assist customers in enhancing the adoption process by understanding how your customers consume, access and use your products and services. Usage data provides useful insights to drive adoption, increase revenue, design a better product, provide amazing customer service, or retain existing customers. 




It is important to have visibility into account status and know before renewal if your client is satisfied and achieving the outcomes they set out to achieve. It is also important to have a well-defined renewal process in place so it is a consistent, positive experience, and your organization can plan for growth. 


Common Renewal Automations:


  • Triggering renewal CTAs with an associated playbook to create a consistent and positive renewal experience for customers

  • Sending an automated email to the customer 90 days before the renewal with a link to the CSM's calendar to book an Executive Business Review

  • Sending an automated Intent to Renew survey to gather feedback from customers


nCloud can assist customers in streamlining the renewals process to allow teams to deeply analyze and accurately forecast their renewal & expansion business.

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