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  • Sharon Bok

Brightline: Using Gainsight's Business Modeler to Manage & Grow Complex Customer Relationships

Brightline is a mental health benefit that provides families nationwide with virtual therapy, psychiatry, and coaching for kids and teens. The company is built specifically for families with fast access to personalized support, evidence-based care from specialized experts, and a one-stop digital platform.

Emma Schaffer, Senior Director of Commercial Strategy & Operations, discusses the complexities of the healthcare industry and how nCloud Integrators worked with Brightline to understand the industry nuances and desired business outcomes during its Gainsight Essentials Plus and Business Modeler implementation.

What outcomes were you hoping to achieve with Gainsight and Business Modeler?

I think the number one outcome was moving from a different customer management system to Gainsight. We didn’t have internal Gainsight resources, so we knew we needed a partner that could guide us through the implementation process to achieve a healthy baseline quickly - and also a partner that could help our team become more and more efficient over time by expanding on Gainsight’s capabilities. This is why we wanted to work with nCloud Integrators.

Brightline is in the healthcare industry and because of this, we have a number of different customer relationships that we need to manage and grow. These complex multi-party relationships include insurance carriers, the employers that purchase the healthcare benefits as well as the employees who use the benefits. So, it's a three-part relationship that can take on a variety of different flavors. nCloud Integrators took the time to understand all of these customer nuances and use Gainsight’s Business Modeler so that we could manage all of these relationships correctly. We are now able to integrate our Salesforce data in a way that reflects these models so our Client Success team has access to rich, usable information. Because of this, our team is able to service customers more efficiently and effectively.

After implementation, how are you working with nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services team?

Our company has grown extremely quickly, and we have more than 500 new enterprise customers. Our Client Success team needs a solution that allows us to quickly surface data and insights so we can assist our employer and health plan customers. We are working with nCloud Integrators to strategically manage the customer journey and interactions with each tier and segment of our client base.

Has nCloud Integrators helped you use automation to assist your team with scale and efficiency?

Yes, we are using Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator to send out some automated emails. For example, we can send a status report on a regular cadence that shows how employees are engaging with our healthcare services and the outcomes that are being achieved. We also offer services where we can help employers educate and inform employees about this healthcare benefit through a variety of employee communications that can be scheduled at specific times throughout the year. By automating these and other processes, we expect to save a significant amount of time - and our team will become more efficient and be able to spend more time focused on strategic account growth.

Were there any difficult hurdles that nCloud helped your company overcome?

The implementation of Business Modeler was a big design challenge. nCloud Integrators really went above and beyond to understand our complex world that’s full of healthcare acronyms and eccentricities and become an expert so that we could use Gainsight effectively for our organization.

The nCloud consultants are also helping us with contact management efficiency. To do this, we had to overcome a challenge of our Salesforce account and opportunity data not being set up in an ideal way. nCloud helped us design what an ideal setup would look like - and is also assisting with Salesforce data cleanup so all of our tools work together cleanly. Having our data structured correctly really allows us to have much clearer insights and better ways of cutting the data to look at our book of business from multiple angles.

What do you think the biggest advantage is to working with nCloud Integrators?

nCloud Integrators has been a strategic partner with us through the entire journey, from initial concept for the design, through implementation and rollout, to bringing the entire team into the plan. Their approach is always solution-oriented and proactive, and that is what you want from a partner for this type of project.

nCloud Integrators has gone above and beyond to truly engage with us and understand our business and apply the capabilities of Gainsight to our industry. This is something I haven’t experienced before with other integrators. It has been really refreshing to have a strategic partner from the start who dedicates the time to get to know our industry, business model and needs.

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement Gainsight?

Hire an expert partner, especially if you are in any fast-growing industry where your resources are limited. Having a dedicated, expert resource to work with has really made a huge difference for us with this Gainsight rollout. With our previous Customer Success tool, the company didn't have this type of service partner who could help us and that is where we ran into problems and couldn’t find sufficient value in using the tool. It's really critical to work with experts so you get set up correctly from the start and can quickly find value for your team and your organization.

What are your next steps with nCloud’s expert services team?

We will continue to scale in different ways and leverage the tool to help us manage our broad book of business. This includes automation, but also more strategic aspects such as using the Success Plans and Call-to-Action features for our high-touch clients, and deepening our data integrations.


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