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nCloud Integrators Gainsight Services

nCloud Integrators is the market leader in Gainsight implementations, Gainsight administration and Customer Success best practices - with customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Small and Mid-Market Enterprises.


We have worked with more than 500 Gainsight customers to date and have the most Gainsight-certified employees outside of Gainsight. And, we are proud to say that 90% of the companies that purchased Gainsight’s Essentials and Essentials Plus used nCloud Integrators’ implementation services.

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Our Services are Focused on Your Customer Success Outcomes of
Visibility, Scale, Adoption, Experience, Retention and Expansion


Gainsight Accelerate Quickstart Services

nCloud Integrators leads hundreds of customers each year to successful, expedited, and comprehensive launches of Gainsight’s leading customer success platform.


Our Accelerate Quickstart offerings for Gainsight will get you live with Gainsight within weeks.  Find out more.

  • Discovery of Customer Lifecycle & CSM Processes
  • Alignment of CS Success Factors with Scope
  • Data Integration Services
  • Development of Core Objects, Workflows & Deliverables
  • Gainsight Administrator Training & Development
  • Best Practices & Use Cases
  • Typical Go-Live is 4 to 8 Weeks

Gainsight Expert & Administration Services

nCloud offers ongoing Gainsight Expert and Administration Services to give you the peace of mind knowing you have expert-level resources available at critical times so you can stay on track with your customer success initiatives. Leveraging nCloud Integrators’ experts will help reduce your overall adoption risks and administrative burden. Find out more!

  • Varying Levels of Assistance Based on Your Needs including Full Gainsight Administration Services
  • Regular Assessments of your Gainsight Environment 
  • Reviews & Enhancements of CTAs, Playbooks, Reports, Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Development of New Assets 
  • Assistance with Integration of New Data Sources
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Gainsight Blueprint
Enhancement Services 

Are you looking to elevate your Gainsight Customer Success Platform?  Are you struggling with user adoption or simply looking to create a greater impact from your CS team? Our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your team to lead you through best practices in advancing your customer success techniques and leveraging Gainsight in the most effective manner to achieve your goals. Learn more!

  • Strategic Assessment & Business Review
  • Technical Platform Audit
  • Customized Recommendations & Project Plan
  • Resources including Use Cases, Templates and Educational Materials
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Gainsight Amplify
Health Scorecard

You’ve started defining customer health but want to strengthen what you have in place. We can help you enhance a scorecard that already exists or create a new scorecard for a specific lifecycle phase or business area. You'll walk away with a concrete set of specifications ready for configuration and launch. Learn more!

  • Initial Discovery & Assessment
  • Analysis of Current Environment
  • Stakeholder Workshops and Alignment
  • Custom Recommendations
  • Specifications & Resources

Tech-Touch Services Package for Gainsight's Journey Orchestrator

nCloud Integrators can assist you with automating your Customer Success processes to help your team become more efficient. We help you evaluate customer touchpoints across your lifecycle to identify where it makes sense to include automation, as well as identify where it is important for your team to interact with your customers on a more personal level. Then our team will assist you in building these automated processes using Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator.

  • Review of Customer Journey and Business Objectives
  • Identify Areas for Tech-Touch as well as Human Touch
  • Align Areas for Automation with Available Data

Gainsight Administration Readiness Training

The Gainsight Administration Readiness Training Series was developed to enhance learning as customers work with nCloud to implement Gainsight. You can purchase access to the series and use it to sharpen specific skills and help educate new employees who are responsible for Gainsight within your organization.

  • Growing list of Gainsight Technical How-To Videos
  • Sharpen Gainsight Administrator Skills
  • Bring New Employees Up to Speed on Gainsight Features & Functionality
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