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Custom Gainsight Training for CSMs and Gainsight Administrators

nCloud Integrators now offers custom training solutions based on your specific Gainsight instance and the features, functionalities and workflows you have in place today. Out-of-the-box screenshots and Powerpoint slides are now replaced with real-world examples directly from your Gainsight instance.


Popular Custom Training Services include:

  • Gainsight Customer Success Manager (CSM) End User Adoption Training

  • Gainsight Administration Readiness Training

  • Unique Gainsight Trainings to Fill a Specific Need, Such As: Success Plans, Renewal Center, Journey Orchestrator, Adoption Explorer, Communication Skills

Custom Gainsight Training Development Process
Custom CSM Training: Gainsight Adoption, Technical Skills & Communication Training


Gainsight CSM End-User Adoption Training

Your company made the investment in Gainsight, and now your instance is ready for use with great new features and functionality that will help you streamline your processes and better serve your customers. But, how do you get your CSMs to embrace this change, learn to use Gainsight and new processes you’ve put into place, and experience the efficiency and wins that you’ve envisioned from the beginning? 


nCloud Integrators CSM End-User Adoption Training is tailored to your specific Gainsight instance. Users can apply what they learn in each session immediately in interactions with customers. A customized learning path for your team may include online education modules, live virtual sessions, optional user assessments, and user feedback that will allow your CSMs to:

  • Understand the value Gainsight brings to their specific role

  • Learn how new processes and Gainsight usage can increase customer insights and maximize daily productivity 

  • Understand your roadmap for rolling out new functionality 


Custom Gainsight Renewal Center Workshops

Gainsight’s Renewal Center allows teams to deeply analyze and accurately forecast their renewal business and offers a predictive customer health score to identify risky customers earlier, as well as avoid missed opportunities. Training modules will overview the purpose of Gainsight’s Renewal Center, including the primary functions of the Analyze and Forecast features, and how data is incorporated to ensure accurate opportunities. Your custom CSM training modules will help:

  • Provide visual representation of each CSM’s renewal opportunities

  • Assist CSMs with best practices for managing their portfolio of opportunities

  • Teach CSMs how to make decisions and take action based on specific customer insights


Custom Gainsight Success Plan Workshops

Gainsight’s Success Plans help your team capture insights, track activity and share progress on your customers’ key goals using CTAs and their associated tasks. Based on your CS goals, nCloud can develop training modules that will help your CSMs understand your organization’s Success Plans and use cases. Your custom training modules would help CSMs:

  • Understand the variety of Success Plan templates available within your instance

  • Develop unique best practices for tracking performance and uncovering trends

  • Monitor customer goal attainment and visualize project progress with intuitive Gantt Charts


Custom CSMs Communication Training 

Your CSMs are your front line. If successful, CSMs ensure customers renew contracts, expand their use of your solutions, and become advocates for your organization. However, building successful customer relationships rest largely on how well the CSM can communicate. CSM communication training focuses on creating higher-performing teams that can quickly identify risks and opportunities and respond accordingly. Custom training modules will assist your CSMs in:

  • Improving soft skills like written, spoken and nonverbal communication 

  • Using emotional intelligence and empathy to match a customer’s communication pace

  • Understanding the nuances around your customer’s journey, business needs and product uses

  • Analyzing actual customer calls to assess current skills and track improvements over time 


Custom Gainsight Training for Administrators


Gainsight Administration Readiness Training

Gainsight Administrators are tasked with the overall management of your Gainsight instance, so they need an in-depth understanding of how each component works, how to enhance functionality and how to take advantage of new features. 

Bringing a new Gainsight administrator up to speed can be a daunting task. 


nCloud offers custom Gainsight Administration Readiness Training that focuses on your specific Gainsight instance and the features/functionality you have in place today, as well as the roadmap you have planned for future capabilities.  Sessions combine online education modules, live virtual sessions and optional user assessments. It allows your Gainsight administrator to:

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of your Gainsight instance such as your health scorecard configurations, established CTAs, playbooks and reports, and the integration of various data sources 

  • Understand the roadmap of new functionality you have planned  

  • Uncover potential opportunities for fine-tuning or enhancing your Gainsight instance based on your organization’s Customer Success (CS) goals.


Custom Gainsight Journey Orchestrator Workshops

Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator assists you with automating your Customer Success processes to help your team become more efficient. Custom training programs will assist you and your team in exploring your customer’s journey to identify how you can save time by standardizing key lifecycle emails, triggering communication based on customer behaviors and sending communications at scale. Gainsight administrators will learn how to apply the power of Journey Orchestrator to achieve their CS goals by:

  • Mastering the core capabilities of Journey Orchestrator: Surveys, Email Templates, and Advanced Programs

  • Identifying specifications for JO program builds based on specific customer journeys

  • Aligning areas of automation with your available data


Custom Gainsight Adoption Explorer Workshops

Adoption Explorer helps customers understand how their end users consume, access and use their products and services. Usage data stored in Gainsight’s Adoption Explorer provides useful insights to drive adoption, increase revenue, design a better product, provide amazing customer service, or retain existing customers. Our training modules can assist Gainsight administrators in:

  • Learning how to create a standard data model for usage data

  • Rolling-up data automatically, as well as controlling how long data is kept

  • Setting up rules to track data by company, contact and instances

  • Building customized dashboards with preconfigured reports

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