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  • Sharon Bok

nCloud Integrators Joins Rocketlane as Preferred Implementation and Expert Services Partner

Updated: Jan 30

SAN JOSE, Calif. and POWELL, Ohio – Rocketlane, the leading customer onboarding and Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform, and nCloud Integrators, a leading software implementation and data integration consulting firm, today announced a new strategic partnership where nCloud Integrators will be the preferred implementation and expert services partner for Rocketlane.

Rocketlane uniquely ties together projects, people, finances, and customer experience to

help teams orchestrate world-class service deliveries. Their all-in-one offering centralizes

work and gives actionable insights to shorten time-to-value, improve utilization, and

maximize profitability.

iterative approach to implementation based on each customer’s desired business outcomes, and includes five phases: Kickoff, Initialize, Build, Activate, and Run. Typically, go-lives happen within a matter of weeks. For those organizations already “live” on Rocketlane, nCloud Integrators offers Rocketlane Expert Services best-practice assistance.

“Our Rocketlane Expert Services assistance is based on each customer’s particular needs,

but may include strategic suggestions for improvement, ongoing knowledge transfer and

enablement, and/or the overall management of daily Rocketlane operations,” states Chris

Darius, nCloud Integrators Co-Founder and CFO. “Some specific areas where we can help Rocketlane clients include resource management, capacity planning, and methodology development.”

nCloud Integrators uses Rocketlane internally for professional services automation, and

because of this, understands the steps required for a complete migration and

implementation, as well as the functionality within the platform that can truly benefit

companies looking for professional services automation and customer onboarding.

“This partnership brings the best in the industry together. Our technology coupled with

nCloud’s expertise will unlock the full potential of digital transformations and put our

clients on the best path for success,” said Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO and Co-founder of


About Rocketlane

Rocketlane is a purpose-built PSA and client onboarding platform that helps businesses

deliver predictable outcomes, accelerate time-to-value, and improve team utilization and

project profitability. The platform reimagines service deliveries for teams by replacing

legacy PSA and generic project tools with an all-in-one and modern client-centric platform.

Rocketlane offers a unique, unified workspace that improves communication,

collaboration, and project visibility for businesses and their clients. It equips teams with

trends and benchmarks across projects, which in turn helps them develop and optimize

playbooks and processes. To learn more about Rocketlane, visit

About nCloud Integrators

nCloud Integrators can help you define what customer success means for your business.

Every year, nCloud’s team of experts assists hundreds of customers in building or

improving their customer journeys through executive-level strategic services and technical

implementation expertise. For details on nCloud’s services and decades of software

industry services experience, visit


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