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  • Sharon Bok

Intellum’s Data-Driven Approach to Customer Success

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Intellum, the #1 customer, partner, and employee education platform, wanted a data-driven approach to improve their customer experiences.

“Even though we had customer’s success in our DNA and an abundance of customer data, we were still too reactive with customers. Simply, the data was not triangulated in an easily usable or actionable way,” Ruben Rabago, Chief Customer Officer for Intellum, states. “Each department had various spreadsheets on the same customer. These spreadsheets were difficult to maintain and did not provide the needed single source of truth.”

nCloud Integrators assisted Intellum in implementing Gainsight’s customer success platform to gain a data-driven 360 view of the customer.

“nCloud was able to get us to a high-value state in a short amount of time,” continues Rabago. “Their implementation plan kept us focused on specific, tangible milestones, but also gave us the flexibility to move forward in a way that made sense for us while not sacrificing the discipline nCloud brings to the table.” nCloud’s Accelerate Methodology is designed so customers are able to go live with Gainsight within weeks.

Intellum’s first milestone was to have a place where CSMs, sales, and operations could record customer notes in a standardized way. “Having a central place to document customer conversations was a big win,” Rabago states. “It allowed us to save so much time, almost immediately, because we didn’t need to track down the specifics on what has happened with each customer before an engagement.”

Intellum also understood they needed to have a company-wide perspective on customer health. “An accurate picture of each customer’s health is vital because it allows you to use this data to talk with your peers in other departments and jointly decide how to improve the customer’s experience and plan next steps,” states Rabago. “It promotes dialog and action, and helps us answer the question, ‘What can we do to engage this customer in a more meaningful way?’”

Intellum has received favorable internal feedback from the new solution. “Now that the Gainsight solution is live, our CSMs have increased their effectiveness and are being recognized for positive results.”

About nCloud Integrators

nCloud Integrators can help you define what customer success means for your business. Every year, nCloud’s team of experts assists hundreds of customers in building or improving their customer journeys through executive-level strategic services and technical implementation expertise. For details on nCloud’s services and decades of software industry services experience, visit


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