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  • Sharon Bok

Tricentis Creates a Mature Customer Success Organization

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Tricentis, the global leader in enterprise software continuous testing, worked with nCloud Integrators to create a mature customer success organization with predictive analysis to achieve higher renewal and retention rates, increase upsell opportunities, and create efficiencies for CSMs to successfully manage more accounts.

“We were using Gainsight for note taking and tasks, but we wanted to drive data that our employees could interpret and use to take action,” states Donna Mallet, Director of Customer Success Strategic Initiatives at Tricentis. “nCloud took a strategic look into our customer success processes and helped us create the structures that were unique to our different products.”

“This was a massive project, but nCloud kept us on track with the project, and focused our efforts in a way that did not feel overwhelming,” states Mallet. “Along each stage, we felt comfortable that our long-term goals were achievable.”

One area of focus during the engagement was expanding health scores to allow the company to view product health showing levels of adoption, sentiment, engagement, and deployment as well as overall customer health. “As we continue to buy and merge with other companies to offer new products, we realized we needed more robust health scores on each customer that could tell us account success as well as individual product success and maturity.”

To help drive efficiency throughout the company, Tricentis also built 25 Playbooks, and worked with nCloud to create Success Plans that align with each stage of the customer’s life cycle. These Success Plans incorporate milestones and metrics that can feed up to regional and executive-level reporting.

“Success Plans automate time-consuming processes and allow for more streamlined account planning, customer onboarding and continuous engagement,” continues Mallet. “For example, if an order comes into our professionals services department, the CSM associated with that account is automatically notified so they are aware of this activity happening in other parts of the organization.”

nCloud assisted Tricentis in standardized processes across the organization and kept the project on track with overall goals. “nCloud consultants are true collaborators,” continues Mallet. “They unpackaged the information and led us down a path that allowed us to move forward in a strategic, systematic way.”

About nCloud Integrators

nCloud Integrators can help you define what Customer Success means for your business. Every year, nCloud’s team of experts assists hundreds of customers in building or improving their customer journeys through executive-level strategic services and technical implementation expertise.

You can depend on nCloud Integrators to provide Customer Success leadership advice, perform regular evaluations, and be a guide to ensure your investment meets your Customer Success business goals. nCloud Integrators' Expert Services provides a dedicated expert to assist with your planning, design, development and adoption of your Customer Success platform. For details on nCloud’s services and decades of software industry services experience, visit


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