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  • Sharon Bok

Devo Gains Actionable Customer Insights with Gainsight Implementation

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Devo, the only cloud-native logging and security analytics platform, needed a way to have a

single, cohesive view of each customer that offered actionable insights based on customer

experience and product usage.

nCloud Integrators, a leader in customer success strategy and Gainsight implementation

services, helped Devo connect account, usage and product insight data into Gainsight’s

complete customer success solution that could scale with the company’s significant growth.

Devo now has a company-wide system with customer visibility the moment the client purchases the product, so support can come from various teams and departments seamlessly.

“Having a solution that allows our customers to have a seamless experience as they interact

with our products is critical to helping them realize value and return on investment,” states Tom Pucciarella, Technical Account Manager with Devo. “With one complete view of the customer, support can be a multifaceted effort across the entire organization, not just through a single department’s lens.”

In addition, Devo can now analyze data coming from product usage, which will allow the

company to help customers use their products more effectively and to capture customer insights to adapt products to meet changing needs.

“nCloud was in lockstep with our team and helped design what our ideal end state was going to look like,” continues Pucciarella. “This was a significant task because we started with spreadsheets and disparate systems.”

nCloud Integrators gave Devo the tools and know-how to be successful, with a process that was organized and transparent. “nCloud offers their clients one of the better customer journey maps that I have seen in terms of the cadence and evolution of the process to get to the end goal.”

Devo is currently working on rolling out the new solution in each business unit, helping users maximize their experiences and capabilities within the system. “With nCloud’s assistance, we are self-sufficient and look to expand our Customer Success capabilities, and it's nice to know we have the option to purchase additional nCloud Expert Services support if we should need that down the road,” states Pucciarella.

About nCloud Integrators

nCloud Integrators can help you define what customer success means for your business. Every year, nCloud’s team of experts assists hundreds of customers in building or improving their customer journeys through executive-level strategic services and technical implementation expertise. For details on nCloud’s services and decades of software industry services experience, visit


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