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  • Sharon Bok

TMA Systems Q&A: A Phased Rollout of Gainsight Essentials Plus

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

TMA Systems is a world-class provider of advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions (EAMS). Worldwide, more than 1,650 TMA clients maintain in excess of 55,000 facilities, representing 4.5 billion square feet of space.

The company is focused on growth and invested in a number of systems this year to help streamline processes, including Gainsight’s leading customer success platform. nCloud

Integrators assisted TMA Systems with its Gainsight Essentials Plus implementation and

continues to work with the company on its phased rollout of new capabilities.

Greg Shell, VP of Operations with TMA Systems, discusses changes to the Customer Success organization and systems with this growth, and Jenny Pino, Manager of Client Success, talks about her interaction with nCloud Integrators.

What were your customer success goals with your Gainsight implementation?

In 2022, we rolled out Salesforce, Netsuite, Zendesk as well as a new project management system. With all of this going on, we wanted to implement Gainsight in a phased manner. In the first phase, we set up the integration from Gainsight to Salesforce to ensure we had one customer master record without any redundant data. We also created an automated NPS survey to assess the status of our relationship with clients. Based on the response of this

survey, a Call to Action (CTA) was created to either have the CSM follow up to see if the client would be willing to be an advocate or to provide additional assistance.

How did nCloud Integrators assist with your implementation?

nCloud Integrators was recommended by Gainsight. The nCloud consultants assigned to our project were all phenomenal not only with their technical knowledge, but also with their approach and personalities. They were professional and really vested in the success of our project. Of all the implementations we did in 2022, nCloud’s implementation of Gainsight was by far the smoothest. It was on time and on budget, and they did an exceptional job of

knowledge transfer to our team. I think one of the best signs of a quality consultant is that after the project is finished, your internal team can use the systems effectively and continue to build out new capabilities independently.

Can you discuss your goals for the next phase?

Our plan is to set up advanced health scorecards. As part of this, we will integrate transactional data that will help feed our health scorecard metrics as well as NPS scores and manual sentiments. We are looking to implement Gainsight’s Renewal Center for our account management team to provide better visibility on the quality of the renewal. We also plan to use Gainsight’s Snapshot functionality to automatically build the Annual Business Review presentations for our CSMs using customer data and benchmarks. My hope is that 80% of the presentation can be generated automatically to help streamline the process for our CSMs.

In your opinion, what was the biggest advantage of using nCloud to help with your


Jenny Pino, Manager of Client Success talks about her interaction with nCloud

Integrators: “I personally enjoyed the fact that they spent time showing us in the instance how to use the product. We've had other consultants that have just taken our data and they do the work, and so it really makes it difficult to move forward independently. nCloud Integrators allowed me to visually see how to do everything, explained how things were connected and how the process works throughout the system.”

Do you have any measurable improvements you can share?

Prior to implementing Gainsight and working with the nCloud team, we did sentiment assessments with our clients 100% manually. We had a team of three people who would pick up the phone and call our customers each quarter. Now that we automated our NPS survey, this team has been repurposed to focus on more strategic relationship activities. This is now a revenue opportunity for us instead of a cost center. In addition, we are getting better quality feedback, and the clients are seeing us take action on the feedback that they are providing. We also have better reporting on this information because we can break the responses down by client or by product offering. We can slice and dice to see where we have strengths or weaknesses.

What are some additional process improvements TMA Systems has achieved to date?

We have had a really big push from our marketing team this year to increase the number of

reviews that we have on various product sites such as G2. So this team uses CTAs coming out of the positive NPS scores as a trigger for our team to talk to the clients about submitting a review while that positive sentiment is fresh in their mind. This has resulted in an increase in the number of reviews, and also the quality of the reviews.

Do you have any helpful tips for other companies looking to implement Gainsight?

Success can’t be driven by the consultants alone. You need the right resources committed internally to help make the project successful. You need a project sponsor who can make decisions on a timely basis, and you need a subject matter expert who can become your

Gainsight expert.


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