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  • Sharon Bok

Q&A: Turvo CS Manager of Digital, Kimber Morgan - Results from Gainsight Automation Initiatives

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Turvo is the world’s first multi-enterprise collaborative platform specifically designed for the

global supply chain that allows shippers, logistics providers and carriers to digitally transform workflows.

The company wanted to scale its operations through the automation of standard processes to enable its Onboarding and CSM teams to spend more time on activities that enhance customer experiences. nCloud Integrators assisted Turvo with its Gainsight Essentials Plus implementation. Kimber Morgan, Customer Success Manager of Digital at Turvo, discusses some of the immediate results achieved by streamlining its customer journey.

What were the top 3 objectives you were hoping to achieve with your Gainsight implementation?

Our first priority was to achieve a higher level of automation. As we scale our business, we need to automate our repetitive, day-to-day processes. We have some good standard operating procedures in place, but we want to ensure that every customer is experiencing the same journey across the board and that the process is easy for our teams to replicate. Another objective was to drive action based on specific customer data. We had a lot of great data floating around, but individuals had to manually find it and put it into a usable form.

Can you discuss any of the results to date?

Automating our NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, which was a completely manual process,

has saved us a significant amount of time and is now actionable immediately with CTAs after we get a response from the customer. One person would spend, on average, two days per week gathering the information from customers and putting it into a usable form. Now, it's all automated, running on a regular cadence – and based on the results, we can pull reports or take action based on specific responses.

What types of digital touch programs have you put into place?

We are just starting to build out our digital touch program, but our goal is to scale the customer journey. The first step is identifying those repeatable steps that should be automated, such as standard emails or links to training sessions. This will allow the teams to spend more time on quality activities, such as answering specific questions, so our customers will have an enhanced experience.

Another huge time saver for us is just having the standard email templates ready to go out. It has improved our ability to scale exponentially because we're not having individuals on our teams type out new emails every single time. We have already experienced significant time savings with some of these automated processes and being able to assess risks quickly. I would say that the time it takes our team to onboard a customer has gone down by 10 days.

In addition, we automated an adoption workshop campaign through Journey Orchestrator,

which allows us to run adoption campaigns as a standard practice across the company instead of on a customer-by-customer basis. This program has already increased adoption of specific product features. The handoff and collaboration between the Onboarding team and the CSM team has also improved exponentially. This is due to the fact that we have all the communication history in the timeline as well as access to the data around what the customer was able to accomplish during the onboarding process.

How did nCloud Integrators help you achieve your objectives and obtain these results?

The nCloud Integrators’ consultants were invaluable resources throughout our onboarding process. They had an in-depth, technical understanding of Gainsight as well as the background about best practices in the Customer Success industry. Whenever we had questions about how we should set something up, the nCloud team provided detailed information about how other companies are successfully doing the same process, as well as how we might make some changes based on our industry or customer journey. Our entire team was really impressed with how nCloud’s consultants were so well versed and able to easily answer all of our questions. I just can't imagine the amount of time that it would have taken our team to go live with Gainsight without the assistance from nCloud Integrators.

Were there any difficult hurdles that nCloud Integrators helped you overcome?

We had access to a lot of data but needed nCloud to help with an action plan for using the data to drive the desired outcomes. nCloud Integrators assisted with the integration of data from five different systems to help build out automated processes, develop CTAs and drive standardization in the customer journey.

What did you think about nCloud Integrators’ approach to onboarding and implementation?

The structure of the nCloud onboarding is really set up to ensure that we would be successful. The cadence and detail provided within each workshop provided us with the information and skills we needed to move forward independently.

What advice would you get to others looking to implement Gainsight?

I think if you are a company that wants to scale aggressively, you are going to need someone who is available to dedicate time to administer and maintain Gainsight and create new processes. And the payback for this is significant. We find that the more time we put in to Gainsight and our customer journey processes, the more value we are getting out. nCloud Integrators really set us up for success and the training was amazing. Now our team is able to maintain the system and use best practices to establish new processes.

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