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Q&A with Beth Patrick, GTM Systems Administration Manager: Gainsight Blueprint Enhancement Service

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

ConstructConnect, a trusted provider of commercial construction information and technology solutions, grew rapidly through the acquisition of nine different companies and as a result, needed to streamline processes and systems to enhance customer interactions.

Beth Patrick, GTM Systems Administration Manager with ConstructConnect discusses the outcomes and work that resulted as part of nCloud Integrators’ Gainsight Blueprint Enhancement Service, which includes a Customer Success (CS) strategic assessment, Gainsight technical platform audit and custom recommendations/project roadmap.

Can you discuss what benefit you gained by using nCloud Integrator’s Gainsight Blueprint Enhancement Services?

We are early in our Gainsight journey, so nCloud’s Blueprint analysis benefited our team by giving us a full understanding of where we are currently with Gainsight and as well as next steps for changes or enhancements. nCloud took the time to understand our business and meet with our stakeholders. This allowed a full understanding of our processes and what we needed from the perspective of each business unit.

Was nCloud Integrators’ Blueprint analysis able to uncover any areas for improvement in your Customer Success processes or Gainsight administration?

Absolutely. I would say the biggest one was a revamp of our health scores to reduce redundancy and duplication. These changes to our health scores have already increased user adoption by 15 percent and healthy active users by 7 percent.

nCloud’s process also determined we needed to clean up our rules engine with an exercise of data hygiene, including retiring several rules, consolidating items for system performance and ensuring that everything is accurate and up to date.

Did nCloud Integrators help you overcome any difficult hurdles?

nCloud really helped us identify ways to streamline and bring consistency to processes and workflows. Our company is a consolidation of nine different companies with various processes and systems that needed to be brought together to service customers.

Why would you recommend other customers take advantage of the Blueprint Services offered by nCloud Integrators?

I think it's a great way to gain valuable insights. The knowledge and experience nCloud brings to the table is invaluable because they know Gainsight and have worked with so many other companies in streamlining Customer Success processes.

Truly, we have been able to do a lot more in a much faster time with nCloud Integrators’ expertise in guiding us along. We’ve learned and implemented things at a much faster manner because of this partnership. nCloud’s approach is great in that they take the time to educate us on Gainsight by working alongside our new administrators to build new features and enhancements.

What are your next steps on your Customer Success roadmap outlined in through this process?

Our next step is capturing analytics to explore our customer’s behaviors. This will help us predict churn, identify upsell opportunities with user licenses or additional territories, and ensure our health scores are working appropriately.

In addition, we are going to be implementing the new C360, and building out more robust dashboards. We also want to set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for triggers and visibility with our customers, and then set up Gainsight’s Success Plans and Playbooks based on these outcomes.



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