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  • Sharon Bok

Q&A: Kristina Wamboldt, Director of CS with Circa, Discusses Eye-Opening Health Score Metrics

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Circa, a leader in talent acquisition and management software solutions to help organizations build high-performing teams, needed a way to track and improve customer utilization and adoption.

Kristina Wamboldt, Director of Customer Experience with Circa, discusses how health scores will change the way the company’s implementation team and account managers can track and assist customers to ensure successful product adoption and consumption.

What did you want to accomplish with your Gainsight implementation?

The customer success function is new to our company, so I am tasked with helping our

customers with utilization and adoption. Our first objective was to set up health score measures, because we didn’t have any way to identify customers at risk or expansion. In the past, customer health was based on how the account manager felt the customer was doing. Now that we have the health scores established, the metrics have been surprising and eye-opening. Our actions can now be based on actual data and product use

Has your Gainsight implementation helped with automating any of your manual


Yes, definitely. We automated many of our communications, such as standard emails. Now that we have templates set up to standardize some of this communication, it is going to make the lives of our account teams a bit easier.

Do you have any specific use cases?

We are working on automating a post-implementation survey. The immediate feedback and

direct response on how the customers are doing after implementation will be valuable. To date, we are relying on how the implementation team feels the process went. Having direct feedback from customers will help provide more accurate data that feeds into our health score, in addition to customer testimonials.

So do you have any ROI to point to yet?

We are still working to get specific data, but we have had some big surprises around usage. Some customers who we thought were logging in and using our solution were not, and vice versa. We're digging into the data and making sure that it's accurate, while continuing to layer upon that data to present the account management team and the rest of the company with a very confident health score for every customer.

How was your implementation process with nCloud Integrators?

Our consultant was fantastic and all of the training materials were easy to use and revisit. The implementation process was straightforward and presented at the beginning of the project, and everything in our statement of work was delivered. And, our consultant was able to help overcome some of the hurdles that were specific to our implementation. For example, we wanted to do an integration with a system called Heap. The direct integration was going to be difficult, so our consultant found a work-around that helped us move forward quickly.

In your opinion, what was the biggest advantage of using nCloud Integrators’ Online

Academy as part of your Gainsight implementation?

Taking nCloud’s Online Academy courses allowed me to get my feet wet before I had to make certain decisions. You have to make so many decisions during the implementation process such as health score measures - so nCloud’s Online Academy courses helped me think about the specifics of my setup and laid the foundation of what to expect during each step. I believe nCloud Integrators’ overall process led to more effective conversations as we met with our consultant throughout the implementation.

Do you think the content from nCloud Integrators’ Online Academy could help train

future Gainsight administrators?

Yes, I completed the Gainsight University admin course, which was good, but I felt that nCloud’s Online Academy was focused more on my instance and some of the implementation processes. I also downloaded quite a few of the cheat sheet sheets or quick reference guides that were available in each section. Now I can go back and reference how to change a rule or modify something that I set up six months ago.

Do you have any helpful tips for other companies looking to implement Gainsight?

Take as much of the online training as you can ahead of the in-person conversations with your nCloud Integrators consultant, even if it doesn’t make sense now. Jot down questions so you can use the in-person time with your consultant to get those questions answered. Also, don’t be afraid to go outside of the box with the setup of your instance. Our nCloud consultant was great at helping us set up customized processes that made sense for our business.

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