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  • Sharon Bok

Ellucian Takes Advantage of nCloud’s Gainsight Expert Services

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Ellucian, the world’s leading provider of software and services designed for higher education, approached nCloud Integrators to assist with Gainsight while their system administrator was out on leave.

“Initially, we looked to nCloud for a knowledge transfer as a new person was stepping into the role of administrator and to consult us on best practices,” states Justin Duffell, Customer Success Operations Manager with Ellucian.

nCloud also assisted Ellucian with an end-to-end instance review of their current rules and workflows, uncovering ways to enable more efficient automation with the rules engine and data design. “With nCloud’s assistance, we were able to take a look at how the data was coming in and how to best use it. For example, we simplified our health scorecard rules and ensured the timing on running the rules were in the correct order,” continues Duffell. “This helped us reduce the time to run our data through the scorecard from around three hours to only one hour.”

In addition, nCloud helped Ellucian streamline customer success business processes so customer success managers (CSMs) could be more productive. This was done by enabling CSMs to manage everything within Gainsight without having to log in to separate systems. Today, CSMs can log in to one system to get a 360 degree view of their customers and are also able to use this same system to view survey data and make contact changes.

“The biggest advantage of using nCloud’s team was being able to lean on subject matter experts to ensure we were following the most efficient processes and best practices,'' states Duffell. “It’s beneficial to work with individuals who know the Gainsight platform and who are also knowledgeable about customer success strategies in general.”

The level of nCloud’s Expert Services assistance can be customized with an allotment of remote consulting hours to use as needed per quarter. “nCloud’s consultants were very efficient with our time and always on task with what we wanted to accomplish in each meeting. They followed up each session with additional details on the topics we discussed as well as relevant materials for later reference.”

About nCloud Integrators

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