At nCloud Integrators, we pride ourselves in putting forth the effort to fully understand our clients’ needs to provide a true value-added solution.  We walk our clients through each step of the process with open and honest dialogue to ensure alignment on the outcome, as well as the effort.

"The entire nCloud team was amazing to work with throughout the Gainsight onboarding process. It would have been impossible for our team to implement Gainsight without their  expertise. Their extensive product knowledge and dedication to our team's success gave us the boost we needed to get Gainsight rolling!"

- Michael Schimmer, VP of Customer Experience- THNKS


"Great work from the nCloud team ensured Replicated's success leveraging Gainsight as an early Series B funded start up!"

- Sara Parker, Director of Customer Success- Replicated, Inc.


"We've worked with nCloud for 7 months now, first for our Gainsight implementation, and now using their Gainsight Expert Services.  They are obviously very strong in Gainsight administration, they provide us with excellent best practices guidance.  They are strong communicators and all around solid business partners.  I recommend nCloud without hesitation!"

- Lisa Burke, Sr Director of Go to Market Operations - RedSeal

Gainsight Implementations

Hundreds of Gainsight customers have successfully launched their platforms with nCloud's guidance.  Our Accelerate Services offerings for Gainsight leverage the nCloud Integrators Accelerate Methodology, highlighted by a collaborative approach designed to get your team live with Gainsight within weeks. The Accelerate Methodology was developed through decades of customer success experience across industries, working alongside enterprise-level customers, as well as small and medium sized businesses. 

nCloud Integrators will work hand-in-hand with your Customer Success team through a series of guided Discovery sessions throughout our engagement, reviewing your customer lifecycle, current and future business goals, and key source data elements required for the development of Gainsight's core objects (Playbooks, Health Scorecards, Reports, Dashboards, Success Plans, etc.)   Engagement management, focused enablement and training, and technical documentations are provided throughout.



Gainsight Expert Services

After your initial implementation of Gainsight, you can depend on nCloud Integrators to provide Customer Success leadership advice, perform regular Gainsight evaluations, and be a guide to ensure your investment meets your Customer Success business goals.

nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services for Gainsight provides a dedicated expert to assist with your planning, design, development and adoption, as well as cost-conscious
Gainsight Administrators to maintain complete accountability of your Gainsight platform.

nCloud’s customer success experts have successfully implemented and administered Gainsight’s leading Customer Success platform based upon nCloud Integrators’ Accelerate Methodology best-practices, years of Gainsight expertise, and real-world use cases. 

A consistent, remote and pre-planned presence accelerates and guarantees timely answers to meet your requirements, through a regular cadence of communication and meetings and an allotment of remote consulting hours to use as needed over time.

Leveraging nCloud Integrators will help reduce overall adoption risks and administrative burden with expert-level resources available at critical times, allowing you to stay on track with vital Customer Success initiatives and maintain focus on your critical customer-related priorities.


Customer Success Management Growth and Evolution

nCloud understands that now, more than ever, having an effective, efficient and scalable customer success strategy is critical to the success of your cloud-centric, SaaS business.  Customers must continuously realize value with your products and services, requiring a dynamic customer-focused framework.


At nCloud, we are committed to understanding your goals, working with you in defining a Customer Success strategy, identifying areas of improvement and developing a plan to successfully achieve your desired outcomes.  

nCloud's consultants, with unmatched direct industry experience and a critical lens, will seek to understand and help develop the broader vision of your Customer Experience organizations.  Our team is dedicated to integrating both technical and industry best-practices to ensure we identify opportunities to optimize, streamline and scale your growing CS teams. 


nCloud provides customized documentation and proven resources.  Our team will work with you in a collaborative, strategic, and iterative fashion to design measurable and valuable outcomes for your Customer Success and Services organizations. 

If you are exploring ways to improve the performance of your customer success organizations, nCloud Integrators offers executive level strategic and tactical services, backed by decades of software industry services experience.

Cloud Integration

Implementing your enterprise software from your on-premise infrastructure to cloud options does not have to be a complex, time-consuming, resource-taxing effort.

nCloud Integrators specializes in ensuring our customers transition their applications to the cloud seamlessly, quickly, and with the least amount of disruption to their businesses.   We are solely dedicated to delivering services engagements that help your organization realize business value as quickly as possible. 

Our team of highly experienced integration experts will guide you to the best option for your business.  nCloud will manage the discovery, project planning, technical requirements gathering, development, testing, and production deployment of your transition. We employ years’ worth of integration best practices, reusable, automated conversion transformation processes, as well as full reviews of your current architecture to reduce overall size and costly complexity.  

nCloud delivers services across the entire lifecycle of your data management project, providing the leadership, methodology, and experience needed to get you underway or back on track. Unlike massive system integrators, we have a pinpointed focus of replacing the small armies of people required and the overhead involved with developing and managing your systems.   nCloud will replace your current over-abundance of headcount and hours with expertise and proven best-practices.



Professional Services Practice Growth and Evolution

Professional Services Organizations are facing a number of challenges as the technology industry
continues to shift to subscription and cloud-based products and offerings. This shift has been ongoing
for the past ten years, but very few organizations have effectively crossed the chasm that is created in
making this shift.


Legacy technology practices continue to struggle with the balancing act of delivering services for on-premise, perpetual license customers while building a capability to support new cloud and subscription offerings. At the same time, cloud technology practices are being asked to put more focus on efficiency and profitability to support enterprise financial goals.

No matter what type of organization you support, nCloud can help you evolve and grow your
Professional Services Organization in three key areas:
Developing Your Partner Ecosystem, Streamlining Your Client On-Boarding and Initial Implementation Process, and Expanding Your Professional Services Offerings. 


Time to Value (TTV) is a critical metric for success with technology offerings. Our team works with you to assess your current model and offerings and provides a roadmap for implementing new or improved on-boarding processes, as well as services beyond the initial software implementation.


These service offerings create stronger relationships with your customers and provide a recurring revenue stream with a higher margin for the Professional Services Organization. nCloud has developed the processes and best practices for building and launching these offerings.  Our team will work with your leaders to access readiness, develop the offerings and introduce them to the market.

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