At nCloud Integrators, we pride ourselves in putting forth the effort to fully understand our clients’ needs to provide a true value-added solution.  We walk our clients through each step of the process with open and honest dialogue to ensure alignment on the outcome, as well as the effort.

Customer Success Management

Success for your B2B company delivering SaaS technology requires that your customers not only adopt your offerings, but also realize value that drives loyalty and expanded usage. 


nCloud Integrators leverages proven experience to provide strategic, technology-based services.

At nCloud our experience tells us that value with SaaS offerings is not found in features and functions, but rather with value-added outcomes.  Our team will work with you in a collaborative, strategic, and iterative fashion to design outcomes for your customers that are measurable and create value.

Gainsight Implementation and Administration


To manage and scale your customer success strategies, you may consider a systematic approach provided by the Gainsight Customer Success platform.  To maximize the value of the platform, you will likely need to integrate data from multiple sources throughout your enterprise (CRM, Product Usage, Support, etc). 

As a Certified Gainsight Partner and well over a hundred successful Go-Lives under our belts, nCloud's decades of experience with Data Integration and Customer Success Leadership uniquely qualifies us to help with your Gainsight platform, ensuring full integration of your enterprise data and long-term success.


Services Practice and Success Team Growth and Evolution

nCloud Integrators offers executive level strategic and tactical services, backed by decades of software industry services experience.


Technology professional services teams are being challenged like never before.  The disruption being created with the growth of SaaS offerings is challenging the historical business model.


Traditional professional services teams are being asked to transform to support XaaS offerings, while maintaining the successful metrics of their core services business.  Born in the cloud, SaaS services organizations are being asked to drive customer adoption in a more cost effective manner. 


nCloud Integrators provides customer success leadership and expertise to accelerate efficiency and profitability to ensure adoption and reduce churn of your customers. 


Cloud Integration

Implementing your enterprise software from your on-premise infrastructure to cloud options does not have to be a complex, time-consuming, resource-taxing effort.

nCloud Integrators specializes in ensuring our customers transition their applications to the cloud seamlessly, quickly, and with the least amount of disruption to their businesses.   We are solely dedicated to delivering services engagements that help your organization realize business value as quickly as possible. 

Our team of highly experienced integration experts will guide you to the best option for your business.  nCloud will manage the discovery, project planning, technical requirements gathering, development, testing, and production deployment of your transition. We employ years’ worth of integration best practices, reusable, automated conversion transformation processes, as well as full reviews of your current architecture to reduce overall size and costly complexity.  

 nCloud delivers services across the entire lifecycle of your data management project, providing the leadership, methodology, and experience needed to get you underway or back on track. Unlike massive system integrators, we have a pinpointed focus of replacing the small armies of people required and the overhead involved with developing and managing your systems.   nCloud will replace your current over-abundance of headcount and hours with expertise and proven best-practices.