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  • Sharon Bok

Q&A with Nuvolo: A Mature Customer Success Organization = Mature Gainsight Usage

Nuvolo, the global leader in modern, cloud-based Connected Workplace solutions, is growing rapidly and needed to enable CSMs to become more efficient and have better insight into their book of business. Lilia Taleb, Director of Customer Success at Nuvolo, discusses meeting their Customer Success outcomes by leveraging nCloud as a strategic partner for Gainsight application administration and ongoing optimization support.

What were your top customer success outcomes you wanted to accomplish with your Gainsight implementation?

Gainsight was already implemented when I stepped into this role, but as we matured the customer success organization and team, we realized we needed to also optimize and mature the way we were using Gainsight. We knew that in order for us to get some quick results, we needed assistance. nCloud Integrators worked with us to automate various processes, to build reports and dashboards for better visibility, and to integrate the necessary data behind the scenes.

Could you elaborate on some of these outcomes?

Because of our rapid growth, we wanted to enable our CSMs to be more efficient. One of the first things we worked on with nCloud Integrators was reporting so we would have better visibility into client accounts. Because of these efforts, now our executive management team has better insights into our operations and our CSMs have a better handle on their book of business.

A second major initiative was enhancing customer health scores. Nuvolo needed to account for additional aspects that contribute to customer health in the ever changing Saas environment. Revising our health score allows us to take a proactive approach to quickly identify and mitigate risks as well as identify referenceable accounts.

How did nCloud Integrators help with these objectives?

Working with nCloud Integrators allowed us to quickly realize value with Gainsight. nCloud has the certified Gainsight expertise to be able to quickly get new processes up and running, where it might have taken us hours to do the same task. We would have struggled without the assistance we received. Also, it is valuable to work with individuals who have visibility into the Gainsight roadmap in terms of what to expect with future upgrades of the platform.

We appreciate the relationship that we have built over time and want to continue to foster this relationship to accomplish much more. Currently, we are working with nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services team on additional integration to increase customer intelligence within a single platform, and also working to automate additional processes within Gainsight.

Do you have any words of wisdom or suggestions for others implementing Gainsight?

Start simple. There are so many things you can do, but it is better to start small, especially if your team has never used Gainsight. The change in processes can be life changing for a CSM, so you don’t want to overwhelm your team. Simplify the launch and then build on it from there as your team becomes more comfortable with the system and the business needs evolve.


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