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  • Sharon Hodges

Hazel Health: nCloud's Gainsight Expert Services Streamlines Processes with JO to Save 800 Hours

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Hazel Health, the leader in school-based telehealth, partners with school districts and health plans nationally to provide mental and physical health services to help K-12 students stay engaged in learning.

Joe Abittan, program manager with Hazel Health, is working with nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services team to strategically look at the company’s business process, discuss what is possible, and implement Gainsight to achieve its business objectives. 

How are you working with nCloud Integrators’ Gainsight Expert Services team?

We are currently working on building out our customer health scores, improving school district information management, and adapting the Gainsight platform to improve scale as Hazel Health grows.

Could you tell me more about building out your health scores?

nCloud’s Expert Services team has really helped us be more strategic about our health scores and think about what we want to achieve and measure. With this strategy, we are taking a “crawl, walk, run” approach  We are starting with a small number of easily-understood metrics, and rolling this out to our team so they can look at the data and say, “Yes, this makes sense, and I understand how this relates to the overall health of our school district partners.” We are really approaching it as a “health readiness” score, because it is showing us if our partners are ready to be successful with us.  

How is this new health readiness score enabling your team to be more efficient?

This health readiness score should enable our team to identify school district partners where we have not trained a majority of their staff members. With this information, we will be able to see where we need to spend more time scheduling partner training and other meetings to introduce our services to staff members. The more contacts we have in Gainsight that have been identified, contacted and trained, the better our health readiness score will be.  

What are your next steps with the build-out of your health readiness scorecard?

Our Customer Success team is using the scorecard, and now we want to roll it out to the Implementation team. Then for the fourth quarter, we are hoping to add in engagement metrics, such as open email rates, as well as a sentiment score. Another really big step for us in the near future will be to incorporate utilization data.  

Can you discuss improving the management of information flowing into Gainsight?

Our business is growing rapidly so many processes have changed even within the last year. Because of these changes, there are things built into the original iteration of Gainsight that needed to be removed or changed. We are working with nCloud Integrators to strategically go through our fields, business rules and other items to determine what we need, what is working and what is not working. This will make our rules run more efficiently, and we will have better information on our dashboards and reports.

You also discussed using nCloud’s Expert Services team and Gainsight to help scale your team. Can you discuss this piece?

We are continuing to enhance our use of Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator to help standardize our processes, including our partner training program. Gainsight will look for new contacts being added, and based on the date that is entered, will kick off a series of emails about training and workshops. Then the system tracks if they completed the training and workshops, and if not, these same contacts will receive reminders and links to future workshops. nCloud Integrators helped us build this program in Journey Orchestrator, and also incorporate data from this program into our dashboards and reports. Now our team knows exactly who received the emails and who completed the training. This makes it so much easier to track where we are with each school district. 

Historically, only 35% of our end users within a school district completed their training with Hazel Health. After putting the automated email campaigns into Journey Orchestrator, we are now experiencing a 71% training completion rate. In addition, our team is saving a significant amount of time not sending individual emails. We tracked the number of emails we sent during a 12-week period, and 50,000 emails were sent to 13,000 contacts. We are estimating our company saved around 800 hours within that 12-week timeframe.

How are you currently using Gainsight’s Success Plans?

We rolled out two Success Plans for our Implementation Team. These Success Plans help to standardize steps we need to take with each school district during implementation. Along with these Success Plans, we worked with nCloud Integrators to build milestone rules. So as steps of a Success Plan are completed, Gainsight is logging those milestones into the timeline. This helps us visually see what we are accomplishing with each partner, and we will be able to pull reports based on these milestones to better understand trends.

What's the biggest advantage of working with nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services team?

The biggest advantage of using nCloud Integrators’ Expert Services team is really just having someone who can explain what is possible. We know that Gainsight is a robust tool with a lot of capabilities that can help us service our partners better, but we need someone who can look at our partner journey and say, “Gainsight can help you streamline your processes in this way.” nCloud Integrators is great at the strategy piece and saying, “What is your end goal” and looking at this goal from all angles, pointing out things we might want to consider, and then helping us achieve this goal by using Gainsight. The consultants know what is possible, and how others are using the tool to achieve similar goals. 

Were there any difficult hurdles that nCloud Integrators helped you overcome?

I stepped into this role after everyone who first implemented Gainsight was no longer at our organization, so everything was new to me. I had to learn everything from the beginning, and the nCloud consultants were very patient as we worked through some of the very basic pieces. Now I am at the point where we are advancing the system and thinking about our processes strategically, and the nCloud consultants are great sounding boards to ensure that we are moving our work forward in a way that makes sense. 

What advice would you give to other people looking to implement Gainsight?

I would say to not be afraid to take things one step at a time, especially if you are a newer start-up organization. Start small and have your team get to know and trust that Gainsight is helping them in their day-to-day processes, and then add on to those trusted processes with new iterations based on your overall objectives. 

What would you say to someone who might need assistance with Gainsight?

I would encourage them to to think of nCloud Integrators as both a Gainsight strategic advisor and a technical resource. They can help you figure out where you want to go, and then put in place the pieces within Gainsight to achieve that vision. You should also think of them as an extension of your team to help with the technical building that happens in the background so you can focus on moving your overall business objectives forward. 


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