Through the Glass

Our Work

We know customer success. Our team works with hundreds of customers every year to help bring their customer journeys to life. No matter your size, industry or solution, we can help you improve your customer experiences.

“The biggest advantage of using nCloud’s team was being able to lean on subject matter experts to ensure we were following the most efficient processes and best practices. It’s beneficial to work with individuals who know the Gainsight platform and who are also knowledgeable about customer success strategies in general.”


- Justin Duffell,
Customer Success Operations Manager,


“nCloud assisted us in building out a more mature method of tracking customer health. We were able to bring a number of various measures into Gainsight in a way that allowed the CSMs to have a holistic view of the customer. They are now able to dig deeper into the customer’s information and see exactly what is behind each score and take more pointed action.”

- Shannon McAuliffe,
Customer Success Operations Manager,

“nCloud was able to get us to a high-value state in a short amount of time. Their implementation plan kept us focused on specific, tangible milestones, but also gave us the flexibility to move forward in a way that made sense for us while not sacrificing the discipline nCloud brings to the table.”

- Ruben Rabago,
Chief Customer Officer,  

A Few of Our Customers