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Customer Interactions Made Intelligent with AI

Key signals from customers are locked away in noise coming to your Customer Success, Professional Services, or Sales teams from an onslaught of communications from various tools, making it impossible for anyone to truly understand customer intent or the appropriate action to take.


nCloud Integrators and CompleteCSM offer a complete solution to get you started by harnessing the power of your data using artificial intelligence (AI). Our Quick Start offerings will assist your team with capturing relevant content in order to:

  • Understand client sentiment & intent to drive real-time action for retention and growth

  • Build a coaching platform to upskill your resources to have greater Emotional Intelligence

Get a Clear Picture of each Customer's Sentiment & Loyalty Sent Directly to Your CRM, Customer Success or Sales Platform
Customer Signals

Collect Data from Customer Interactions…Zoom, Slack, Emails, Support Tickets, Product Usage

AI Intelligence at Work

Use AI Tools to Forecast NRR with Customer Intent Data

(Intent + Usage = Predictability)

Never be blindsided again!

Improve Customer Interactions

Get a summary of action items, strategic plans, and shareable clips to increase team collaboration without extra work.

Level Up Your Team with AI Coaching

Learn emotional intelligence

Your entire team can learn how to have hard conversations, improve soft skills, and match a customer’s pace.

create best practice ai models

Replicate your best team member's behavior by creating AI models across the entire customer journey. Capture the top customer calls to optimize your processes across the team.

measure team performance

Create leaderboards of simulations and actual customer calls to analyze current skills and track team improvement over time. Analyze team and individual performance to move your team from good to great.

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