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Gainsight Accelerate Quickstart Service

nCloud Integrators leads hundreds of customers each year to successful, expedited, and comprehensive launches of Gainsight’s leading customer success platform. Our Accelerate Quickstart offerings for Gainsight will get you live with Gainsight within weeks.  Find out more.

Gainsight Expert Services

nCloud offers ongoing Gainsight Expert and Administrative Services to give you the peace of mind knowing you have expert-level resources available at critical times so you can stay on track with your customer success initiatives. This is a flexible option that allows you to select the number of hours of help you need on a quarterly basis. 

A pre-planned resource helps focus your customer success initiatives, and can assist with:

  • Regular evaluations of your plan, design, development and adoption processes to ensure that your investment meets your business goals

  • Ongoing knowledge transfer to ensure stakeholders understand the overall customer success mission and have a firm grasp on the day-to-day roles in making sure customer interactions and insights are being interpreted and properly acted upon

  • Reviews of your Playbooks, Reports, Dashboards and Health Scorecards to ensure they support your customer success goals and related product initiatives

Leveraging nCloud Integrators’ experts will help reduce your overall adoption risks and administrative burden. Find out more!

Gainsight Blueprint

Are you looking to elevate your Gainsight Customer Success Platform?  Are you struggling with user adoption or simply looking to create a greater impact from your CS team?  Let our experts be your guide to ensure your investment meets your Customer Success business goals. Our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your team to lead you through best practices in advancing your customer success techniques and leveraging Gainsight in the most effective manner to achieve your goals. Learn more!

 Gainsight Amplify

Ready to advance your use of Gainsight in a key area? With our Amplify packages, we'll help you elevate your customer success practice - and advise you on how to leverage Gainsight to do it. You'll walk away with a concrete set of specifications ready for configuration and launch.


These solutions include:

Gainsight Amplify: Health Scorecard

Gainsight Amplify: Survey Data

Gainsight Amplify: Renewal Process

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