IT Security Assessment

Protecting Your Business

Strategic testing and assessments are necessary to identify shortfalls, vulnerabilities and other areas for improvement. Powers Group provides a number of assessment services, such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, that can help you learn where gaps may expose your company to risks.

IT Security


Threat Protection

In order to truly secure your assets, you need to protect your network against threats including network intrusions, spam management, and illegitimate login attempts.


Our Threat Protection provides your servers immediate remedy to any potential security issues or breaches, and stays consistently up-to-date on methodology used by hackers seeking data.

Vulnerability Management

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

We Provide you the best in virus protection and cyber security. Our vulnerability management services constantly monitor your IT system's computer and network security for potential gaps and vulnerabilities.


Once diagnosed, our team of IT experts craft effective solutions to ensure your business is protected from security threats.


Security Assessment

Even the best designed cyber security plans can fail if not properly implemented or if one element falls short. Our security experts will perform a thorough assessment of your security infrastructure to determine where you are vulnerable and offer solutions to address those vulnerabilities.  


IT Regulatory +

Compliance Audits

Whether it be HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, vISO, SOX, or ISO 27001, we can help you meet IT compliance requirements regardless of your industry.


Our security experts will assess any and all compliance gaps to ensure your business doesn't fall short of crucial compliance regulations.


Mobile Device


Your employees are increasingly mobile, and threats can come from mobile devices just as easily as anywhere else.


From policy setting to device validation to user education, our mobile device management assures that you're always secure, even if your employees are not.


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